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At Grace Foods, we make chili products from flavourful to fiery – and we know heat. We also know that not everyone can take the fiery heat of our Habanero Pepper Sauce so we also offer a delicious Hot Pepper Sauce that will add a burst of flavour and a touch of heat to everyday foods.

The spiciness of chillis is due to the presence of compounds called capsaicinoids which cause the “burning” sensation associated with chilis and chili sauces. This heat is measured on the the Scoville scale – a taste-detection-based method for rating the heat of chili peppers.

Hot Pepper Sauce (Spicy)

A blend of peppers ground into a mash, strained to remove skins and seeds to form a pure, liquid hot sauce for everyday use.

Crushed Pepper Sauce (Spicy)

A blend of hot and mild peppers for those who want some heat but not too much.

Scotch Bonnet Sauce (Hot)

A Scotch Bonnet pepper may sound timid, but don’t be fooled! It measures 100,000 to 350,000 SHU (as much as the typical orange habanero!). Scotch Bonnets are the choice pepper of the Caribbean, with a dash of sweetness and a lot of heat for an irresistible taste.

Habanero Pepper Sauce (Very Hot)

Flaming hot habanero peppers all the way from Colombia are guaranteed to bring the heat to your table. The Red Savina Habanero typically measures between 350,000 - 577,000 Scoville heat units – eat up if you dare and don’t say we didn’t warn you.