Fall Recipes To Embrace The Season

Now that the summer season has come to a (gasp) end, you might find yourself reluctantly packing away your sun hats and making adjustments to your thermostat. We’ve definitely been there – who doesn’t love summer?! Over the last few months you’ve likely made new memories with family, spent time relaxing on the beach and Read more

fact about coconut water

5 Must Know Facts About Coconut Water

Many celebrities have been spotted drinking coconut water, including Chris Pine, Ed Westwick and Kristin Cavallari. Even A-listers like Rihanna and Jessica Alba have appeared as the faces of various coconut water campaigns. Athletes have even attributed coconut water as one of their secrets to success. Professional tennis player John Isner credits coconut water with Read more

hydrate with coconut water

5 Reasons to Hydrate With Coconut Water During and Post Exercise

You’ve just finished a sweat session and are looking to reach for something refreshing to quench that thirst and replenish yourself after a solid workout. If you’re looking for something with a little more oomph than water, but don’t want all the added sugars from sports drinks, try coconut water. When you hydrate with coconut Read more

coconut water drink choice

Why is coconut water your drink of choice?

A Brief Chat With Dr. Joel NM Kerr, BPHE, DC, D. Ac President/Director of Therapy The Health Institute

I don’t support eating processed sugar. I’m very strict in keeping my personal philosophy of eating healthy and maintaining a nutritional balance, and whatever I recommend for my athletes, I have to make sure that fits with Read more

spice up your menu with grace jerk this holiday season

Spice up your menu with Grace Jerk this holiday season!

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Tired of the same old same old when it comes to holiday fare?

Spice up your festive menu with a jerk twist from Grace Foods Canada Inc. It’s so easy. The possibilities are endless.

Choose from Grace Jerk Read more

coconut water drink choice

Not from concentrate coconut water and why it matters

As you may already know, coconut water offers an enormous amount of health benefits. Coconut water is packed with nutrients and electrolytes which can help with weight loss efforts, improve skin health, re-hydrate the body, facilitate digestion, reduce blood pressure and much more. However, not all coconut water is produced equally. At Grace Foods, we Read more

Ladies drinking mixed drinks with coconut water at a social get together

Coconut water and mixed drinks: the perfect combination

Coconut water is known for its numerous health benefits, but it also has a reputation as a great mixer for cocktails. The reason behind this is relatively simple – coconut water tastes great! As a bonus, it can help avoid hangovers when included in mixed drinks due to the natural hydrating properties in coconut water! Read more

coocking with grace coconut

Cooking with Grace #coconut4life

You might have heard coconut is good for you but are you stumped when it comes to how to include it in your cooking routine? Or are you concerned that the coconut flavour might overpower your dish? Last month we worked with some amazing food bloggers who  made simple to follow and delicious recipes to introduce you Read more

5 Tips For Choosing The Best Coconut Water

Tips to choosing the best coconut water

Coconut water is one of the planet’s most refreshing and hydrating beverages.  It has a delicious flavour and is rich in electrolytes. Fortunately, for Canadian fans, coconut water has flooded the market in recent years, making it more accessible than ever. You can find it in a wide array of packaging: bottles, cartons, cans, powdered Read more