5 Ways to Jazz up Your Dinner with Grace Foods!

5 Ways to Jazz up Your Dinner with Grace Foods!
Cooking dinner can be such a drag! Even if you love to cook, when you’re coming home from a long day at work and you’re tired and hungry cooking dinner is just no fun. We know how it can be… which is why we’ve made adding Caribbean flavours so easy by adding Grace products.
Jazz up any meal, from elaborate weekend parties to last-minute weeknight dinners, with your very own go ­to Grace products!
  1. Cook with Coconut Oil
grace organic virgin coconut oil 1LEvery kitchen needs coconut oil: it’s a healthy alternative to other oils, with tons of uses. Coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), a healthy form of saturated fat that actually protects your heart. Not only will your food taste better with Grace coconut oil, but it also has the added potential benefits of boosting your immune system, aiding poor digestion and speeding up your metabolism. You can even use it instead of hand lotion after you finish the dishes!


  1. Make Easy Curries with Coconut Milk
Want to bring your taste buds to attention? Cook some delicious curry with Grace coconut milk to add a Caribbean vibe to your dinner. Check out our recipe for Curry Quinoa with Kale and Cauliflower to see what we mean. Not only is it tasty, but it’s nutritious and quick. ­It only takes 35 minutes to cook, with only 10 minutes of prep time!currie quinoa with kale roasted cauliflower
  1. Jerk it Up
If you’re new to Caribbean cooking, you have got to learn how to jerk! Jerk is a traditional seasoning method for the cooking of meats, vegetables and tofu. Using ingredients from Jamaica’s beautiful fertile landscape, jerk seasoning is a gorgeous blend of scallions, onions, scotch bonnet peppers, salt, thyme, allspice, black pepper and an array of other spices. Full of flavour, jerk adds a savoury, fragrant, spicy taste to your meal.
grace jerk seasoning saucesReady to jerk? We have you covered with our Grace jerk seasonings and spices. Use our Jerk BBQ Sauce wherever you’d use any other BBQ: brush onto your meats in the last 5­-6 minutes of cooking, or drizzle bbq jerk wingsonto your casseroles, stews or stirfrys for some sweet heat flavour. Grace Jerk Marinade is another lovely sauce for a quick fix:marinate your meats for an hour, and you’re ready to grill! A meal bursting with flavour. Another must-have Grace jerk product is our classic jerk seasoning which you rub onto your raw meat or veggies and grill as is for a dry finish or add Grace Jerk BBQ while grilling. Word of caution: Start with our mild version and work your way up!
  1. Use Coconut Flour as a Gluten Free Option
grace organic coconut flourAre you living gluten-free? Then you must add Grace Coconut Flour to your stock of kitchen staples. For those who choose a gluten-free lifestyle or anyone with Celiac disease, this is a must-have.                                                                                                    Use it as a substitute for wheat flour in baking (up to 20% of the flour in the recipe) for a lower carb, higher fiber and gluten-free alternative. Made from dried coconut meat, it has an airy texture and just a little touch of coconut flavour that will bring out the best in any baking.


  1. Spice it up with Ginger, Garlic and Pimento Seasoning
Last but not least: Grace’s Caribbean Traditions Ginger, Garlic and Pimento spice. A well-grace carribean ginger garlic pimento spiceknown chef’s secret, our Ginger, Garlic and Pimento goes beautifully with chicken and beef and is the perfect thing to take your stir-fry to the next level. For a ten-minute dinner: Toss some veggies and meat or tofu in a pan with some oil and salt, add a liberal sprinkle of Ginger, Garlic and Pimento seasoning, and serve over rice. The easiest dinner you’ll ever make.
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