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Grace Honey

Grace Honey is a natural sweetener. Gluten free & Suitable for Halal & Kosher dishes.

100% Pure, Grade A honey, no additives.


Scotch Bonnet Jerk Seasoning

Perfect for the scotch bonnet pepper lovers! Our finest blend of jerk seasoning yet made with only scotch bonnet peppers for that unique taste you crave. The perfect jerk seasoning for meats, vegetables and more!

Grace 100% (PET)

Simply coconut water. Nothing added, nothing taken away for an all-natural, refreshing taste. No sugar, no preservatives, no water added. See “sugar” on the Nutrition Facts label? That’s not added sugar: it’s the naturally occurring sugar that all coconuts contain.

Green Pigeon Peas

Grace frozen green pigeon peas has no added ingredients and comes in a convenient 340g size bag than you can reseal for easy use at any time.


Jamaica’s national dish is ackees and salt fish, a favourite in Jamaica, the Caribbean and abroad. A bright red fruit that opens to reveal three large black seeds and a soft, creamy white flesh, ackees are often prepared like vegetables. When cooked, ackees are similar in texture and appearance to scrambled eggs, and are a Read more