Bring back that island feeling with a Caribbean-themed party

Bring back that island feeling with a Caribbean-themed party
Do you crave the warm Caribbean sun, its turquoise waters and the bold flavours of jerk chicken served up at the local beach hut?
Bring the Caribbean to your home with the right music, decor and the taste of Grace jerk seasonings, sauces and marinades. Here’s how to recreate the flavour of that perfect tropical vacation with your own Caribbean-themed party this holiday season.
coconut fruit vegetable table platterStep 1:  Décor – The Caribbean is all about vibrant colour. Look for a tablecloth and tableware that represents the colours of the Caribbean: the cool aqua of the sea, bright purples, sunny yellows and dazzling pinks. Decorate your table with coconuts, fresh limes, watermelon, seashells and coral. Use wooden serving pieces and serving platters adorned with tropical leaves.
Step 2: Atmosphere – Create your own playlist with reggae favourite Bob Marley, tropical-inspired lounge music and calypso tunes. Transform your party room with colourful lanterns, tea lights, or tiki torches.
Step 3: Beverages – Fill a large colourful bucket with ice cubes and add some Grace Island Sodas such as Pineapple, Ginger Beer, or Grapefruit and Tropical Rhythms juices. Fill pitchers with Grace Coconut Water and add ice and a few slices of fresh lime. Pop in a mini drink umbrella or serve with colourful straws.grace canned coconut water cocktails
Step 4:  Special Caribbean touches – Create a party banner by using twine and clothespins to hang snapshots of your last beach vacation or some fun Caribbean postcards. Add a vase of exotic flowers to the table. To create a message in a bottle with the dish or guest name, partially fill a small empty glass bottle with sand, add small shells and insert the paper note. Decorate the table with floating candles in small vases, using food colouring to dye the water aqua blue.
Step 5: Menu – Take a break from barbecue sauce and serve up some Caribbean favourites like jerk chicken. Be adventurous and experiment with using jerk as a dipping sauce, on pizza, shrimp kebobs or fish tacos. For sides, make a fresh pineapple salsa and serve with shrimp cocktail. Cut open and hollow out coconuts, pineapples or small watermelons for alternatives to small bowls. Don’t forget the hot sauce!
Cooking is easy with Grace jerk seasonings, sauces and marinades. They capture the genuine taste ofgrace jerk seasoning sauces
jerk by combining exotic Jamaican herbs and spices to create a delicious flavour experience. Whether you use the BBQ or the oven, add a spicy Caribbean taste to your meat, seafood and vegetables by rubbing on a little seasoning or marinating for several hours. 
Jerk recipes ideas from Grace Foods #GrillwithGrace
 Where to buy Grace products:
Grace jerk seasonings, marinades and sauces are available in the international or ethnic section of specialty and major grocery retailers across Canada.
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