Coconut Water FAQs

coconut water faqs

Popular questions about Coconut Water

In this blog we answer the most popular questions about coconut water. If we haven’t answered yours, send us an email to and we’ll be happy to respond.
How long does Grace Coconut Water last once opened?
For the best-tasting coconut water, we recommend drinking your chilled Grace Coconut Water right away once opened, or within 2 days if refrigerated. Please refrigerate after opening.


What does “not from concentrate” on Grace packaging mean?
It means that we only use fresh coconut water for the best tasting product. If you see “from concentrate” on the ingredient listing of a coconut water package that means that the coconut water has been heated, condensed down to a syrup, transported and then re-bulked with more water. Coconut water from concentrate has far fewer nutrients and beneficial enzymes than Grace Coconut Water which comes directly from the coconut.


Is Grace Coconut Water pasteurized?
All coconut water must go through this process in order to stay fresh while it travels from the tropics to you. Unpasteurized coconut water would not stay fresh long enough to make the trip. Grace Coconut Water is flash-pasteurized for safety while maintaining its great taste and nutrients. Flash pasteurization is a liquid preservation process in which the coconut water is heated rapidly to 70C and then cooled rapidly.


Why does Grace 100% Pure Coconut Water have sugar in its nutrition information?
The sugar on the Grace 100% Pure Coconut Water nutrition facts label is the naturally occurring sugar that all coconuts contain. We do not add any sugar. The coconut is cut open, the water is flash pasteurized and packaged for your consumption. It’s that simple! Nothing added, no preservatives and nothing taken away for the best tasting coconut water.


Is Grace Coconut Water sourced from non-GMO coconuts?
Yes! We use non-GMO coconuts because we’re all about giving you the best, most natural coconut water possible straight from the tropics.


Is Grace Coconut Water gluten free? Kosher? Dairy free?
Yes, yes and yes!


Is coconut a nut?
Coconuts actually aren’t nuts; they’re drupes. So, ironically, coconuts are nut-free!


Why does Grace Coconut Water use Tetra Pak containers?
Packaging our coconut water in Tetra Paks ensures the freshest tasting coconut water for a longer time without any preservatives. It is BPA-free and good for the planet as it is made from recyclable paperboard which comes from wood, a renewable resource.


What’s the difference between coconut water and coconut milk?
Coconut water and coconut milk are from different parts of the coconut. Coconut water comes from inside young coconuts and is a clear, electrolyte-rich liquid containing zero fat and zero cholesterol.  Coconut milk is a sweet, non-dairy milky-white cooking base extracted by breaking down the white kernel of mature coconuts until the milk runs out. It contains nutrient-rich oils and fat.  Coconut milk is not considered a beverage but is often used as an ingredient in cooking and baking. Grace also makes delicious organic coconut milk: try it!


Where can I buy Grace Coconut Water?
Where to buy coconut water
You can find us in the international aisle of your favourite supermarket. If you don’t see it, let the store manager know what they’re missing! You can also buy Grace Coconut Water online through
To find out more about the benefits of Grace Coconut Water, visit our Coconut Water page.
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