GRACE COCONUT WATER… This Summer’s MUST Have Item!

Summer is finally here! School’s out, it’s street-festival season, and the heat is here to stay… which means there’s no better time of year for some refreshing Grace Coconut Water!
If you grew up on a tropical island, odds are you’re familiar with coconut green coconut with strawwater. You might even have grown up drinking coconut water. The young coconut was chopped off the tree, the top was sliced off with a machete and handed to you… and the result? You enjoyed nature’s most refreshing, nutrient-rich and tasty thirst quencher whenever you could! Obviously we don’t have coconut trees here in Canada, where it’s freezing for fully half the year… but not to worry, Grace has you covered. Our coconut water brings the taste of the tropics to you!
Let’s say, though, that you’re a coconut water newbie. You don’t have those childhood memories of drinking from a sliced-open coconut. Here’s why you should be drinking coconut water every day – even right now, while you’re reading this post.

Coconuts 101

If you’ve been to a tropical climate, you’ve probably seen coconuts growing in little clusters on coconut palms. Although coconuts are commonly thought of as brown and a bit hairy, Grace coconut water comes from young coconuts that are green, and the water inside is sweet and nutritious. As the coconut matures, its outer shell turns brown and the “jelly” on the inside hardens into the rich white coconut meat that provides us with other great Grace coconut products: coconut milk, coconut flour and coconut oil among others.
And despite its name, coconuts aren’t nuts; they’re drupes. So, ironically, coconuts are nut-free! (And gluten-free and dairy-free, for that matter.)

So, why should we drink coconut water?

When we exercise or work up a sweat on our fun summer days, our bodies lose essential mineral-rich fluids called electrolytes. A serving of Grace Coconut Water will replace over 600mg of potassium, a mineral your muscles need to recover from exertion, and has 6% of your daily recommended calcium and iron.
Grace coconut water is also great for recovering from those hot, boozy summer nights… it’s a perfect hangover cure! Coconut water is particularly great for dehydration. Since alcohol robs your body of water and essential electrolytes, replenishing with coconut water is the perfect solution.
grace coconut water with glassWatching your weight this summer? Coconut water might end up being your go-to beverage. It’s low in calories and sugar, but it tastes nice and sweet; it’s a great alternative to sugary sodas: the small amount of sugar in coconut water is naturally-occurring with no artificial ingredients!

Fun Fact: Coconut water is also used as an intravenous hydration fluid in some developing countries where medical saline is unavailable due to being isotonic to human plasma!

In short: Grace coconut water is refreshing, revitalizing and energizing and to top it all off actually tastes really good so it’s time to stock up, don’t you agree?

Are all coconut waters made equal?

NO! You’d be surprised at the mainstream brands that have “coconut water from concentrate” in their ingredients. This means that the coconut water has been heated, condensed down to a syrup, transported and then re-bulked with more water. Coconut water from concentrate has far fewer nutrients and beneficial enzymes than Grace Coconut Water which comes directly from the coconut.
Both Grace 100% pure coconut water and our coconut water with pulp are not from concentrate… so you’re getting the closest thing in Canada to that island coconut you had on your last vacation or trip home. Our coconut water is available in your local grocery store in the international/Caribbean foods aisle.

coconut water fruit cocktails

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