Not from concentrate coconut water and why it matters

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As you may already know, coconut water offers an enormous amount of health benefits. Coconut water is packed with nutrients and electrolytes which can help with weight loss efforts, improve skin health, re-hydrate the body, facilitate digestion, reduce blood pressure and much more. However, not all coconut water is produced equally. At Grace Foods, we offer coconut water that’s not from concentrate – something that’s vital to ensuring you get all the nutrients you can from your coconut water.

What is “Not From Concentrate”?

You’ve probably seen the term “not from concentrate” before – it’s sometimes found on orange juice and other juice products. But what does “not from concentrate” actually mean? Basically, it means that the coconut water was not produced from a reconstituted concentrate. A concentrated coconut water is a process in which the coconut water is turned into a syrup before it is packaged. Once the syrup has been imported, water is added to it and then it’s packaged.

Many companies that sell coconut water do so from a concentrate. They do this because it makes it easier and cheaper to import the coconut water. However, there’s a real drawback to this process. In order to turn it into a concentrate, coconut water must be heated to extremely high temperatures for an extended period of time. This causes the coconut water to lose a substantial amount of its most beneficial nutrients. This excessive heat will also cause the beneficial enzymes to lose their effectiveness. All in all, the coconut water ends up losing much of what was supposed to make it beneficial to your health in the first place.

This is why it’s important to look for coconut water packaging that contain the words “not from concentrate,” such as our Grace 100% Pure Coconut Water. Don’t be fooled by companies that slap “All Natural” and “100 percent coconut water” on their packaging. This is often a tactic that helps take attention away from the fact that their coconut water is made from a concentrate.

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Additional Benefits of Our Grace
Coconut Water

The fact that our Grace Coconut Water is not from concentrate automatically makes it a healthier choice than many of the other coconut water brands out there. But we didn’t stop there. We strive to ensure that our coconut water is as healthy as it can be with the most authentic taste possible. This means that we can boast the following:

  • No added sugar – There are a lot of brands out there that will try to cut costs by buying the coconut water from mature coconuts. Coconut water should be taken from young green coconuts. This is because as coconuts age, the nutrients inside of the water get absorbed into the meat. This means that the coconut water from mature coconuts will not only be less beneficial, it will have less flavor. Brands that purchase mature coconut water will simply add sugar in an attempt to replace the lost flavor. Although our 100% Pure coconut water does have sugar in it, it’s not added sugar. It’s the sugar that all coconut water naturally contains.
  • Non-GMO – “Non-GMO” is a label you might have seen once in a while. A food that is a GMO, or genetically modified organism, is a food that has been genetically altered through a laboratory process. There’s a big controversy when it comes to the potential long-term health effects of GMOs, which is why a lot of people prefer non-GMO products. You may not have realized it, but genetically modified coconuts are becoming more and more popular. Many desserts that incorporate coconut include coconut ingredients that have been genetically modified. You won’t have to worry about the potential health effects of our coconut water. This is because our coconut water comes from naturally grown coconuts that are not genetically engineered.
  • Fat-free – Our Grace 100% Pure Coconut Water contains zero fat and zero cholesterol. Some coconut water brands do contain fat and cholesterol, especially those that come with pulp. This is because the pulp that some coconut water brands contain is actually pieces of the coconut meat. Coconut meat does contain fat.
  • BPA-free – We package our coconut water in Tetra Packs that are BPA-free. BPA, or bisphenol A, is an industrial chemical often used in packaging. It can seep into food and liquids and has been linked to numerous potential health effects such as increased blood pressure and prostate gland issues for infants and children.

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Additionally, our coconut water is also lactose-free and gluten-free. You won’t find many coconut water brands that are not only not from concentrate, but that are also non-GMO, have no added sugars and are produced from young green coconuts. This means that when you drink our Grace Coconut Water, not only will you be getting all of the beneficial nutrients and enzymes that you can out of it, but it will taste amazing as well!

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