YamChops’ collaboration = great vegan recipes

Yamchops Collaboration Great Vegan Recipes
As you know, Grace Canada has a brand-new line of organic coconut products for cooking, baking and snacking. One of the reasons we decided to create organic products under the Grace banner is to demonstrate our commitment to organic foods, natural foods and a healthy lifestyle.
Naturally, we decided to team up with YamChops, the only “vegetarian butcher” in Toronto and a unique vegetarian destination in Canada, to create some delicious vegan recipes using Grace organic coconut products as well as other Grace products. Michael and Toni Abramson, the team behind YamChops, were inspired by Grace’s taste of the islands and by their own commitment to healthy, vegan cooking and baking. Check them out on Dragons’ Den Fall 2015 Season!
Here are just a few of the recipes that YamChops developed using Grace’s delicious Caribbean flavours:
Yamchops’ Sweet Potato Stew
yamchops chilihttps://gracefoods.ca/cooking-with-grace/sweet-potato-stew/
 The spicy sweetness of Grace Island Soda Ginger Beer combines with Grace Jerk BBQ sauce, fresh vegetables and a kick of habanero pepper to make this YamChops recipe a staple vegan stew for any healthy kitchen.


Yamchops’ Jerk BBQ Seitan “Ribs”
yamchops ribshttps://gracefoods.ca/cooking-with-grace/bbq-seitan-ribs/
 There’s no reason to miss out on one BBQ ribs, one of summer’s best foods, just because you’re vegetarian, vegan or eating healthy! Seitan is a nutritious protein mixture with a great taste and texture; this recipe teaches you to make it the YamChops way. Trust us: these “ribs” brushed with Grace Jerk BBQ sauce are well worth eating.
Yamchops’ Black-Eyed Brownies
yamchops brownieshttps://gracefoods.ca/cooking-with-grace/black-eyed-brownies/
 Black bean brownies are an up-and-coming staple for vegans; YamChops put a delicious twist on these, though, by using Grace Black-Eyed Peas, Grace Coconut Sugar and a generous helping of Grace coconut oil along with cocoa and chocolate to make the ultimate fudgy, delicious brownies.


Yamchops’ Coconut Bacon
yamchops chipshttps://gracefoods.ca/cooking-with-grace/coconut-bacon/
Just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the joys of bacon! Yes, you heard us right. This delicious “bacon” made with Grace Coconut Chips is really addictive so trust us, don’t hold back, make a big batch of these because they’re sure to go fast!
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