Why is coconut water your drink of choice?

coconut water drink choice

A Brief Chat With
Dr. Joel NM Kerr, BPHE, DC, D. Ac
President/Director of Therapy
The Health Institute

I don’t support eating processed sugar. I’m very strict in keeping my personal philosophy of eating healthy and maintaining a nutritional balance, and whatever I recommend for my athletes, I have to make sure that fits with my training regimen for people who are active. I don’t advocate for sports drinks because, simply, they’re loaded with sugar and chemicals and they don’t help people maintain their health.

What makes coconut water good for hydration? Why is hydration so important?

It’s interesting, because in the past little while, coconut water has become more mainstream and more widely available. As someone who’s West Indian, though, coconut water is something I have always consumed in my home. I wanted to get it to people who wouldn’t necessarily have been exposed to it otherwise.
Hydration is the number one factor. No matter if you play sports or not, almost all of us are often dehydrated, because of the fact that many people eat too much food with salt. Salt is dehydrating.

The thing about pure coconut water like Grace’s – which isn’t from concentrate like a lot of other top brands are – is that it’s a pure form of hydration. I like that there’s plenty of potassium and magnesium in coconut water, which aids in muscle recovery.Another huge part of why coconut water is great for all Canadians is the fiber aspect – Canadians don’t eat enough fiber. It’s free of added sugar, it’s gluten free… and of course, the Grace logo is great!

What are the benefits of coconut water to your body when working out?

electrolytes, fluid, easily digested carbs- NATURAL SUGAR make it an ideal beverage post work out.

Is coconut water best before, during and/or after a workout?

Coconut water to be honest is the ideal beverage at anytime! Coconut water is an ideal beverage because it has easily digestible carbohydrate that can assist in providing energy during a workout and it has an excellent source of electrolytes to support post workout.

Does coconut water give energy?

Yes it does. The sugar that is in coconut water is natural and an easily digested carbohydrate which means that is can be broken down in the body easily and into the bloodstream to be used. Coconut water has less sugar than that of most sports drinks and less artificial sugar and chemicals.

Does it help with muscle cramps? Or muscle soreness?

Coconut water can assist with muscle cramps and or muscle soreness if it is in incorporated within an active recovery phase of training. Basically, what that means is an athlete (or an individual) must begin preparation for competition 24-48 hours prior to the event. Hydrating the body effectively does not occur 1-2 hours before the event. The contents of coconut water that can assist in preventing muscle cramps/soreness include potassium (Grace 100% pure CW has 670mg for 310 ml can) and sodium (Grace 100% pure CCW has 80mg for 310 ml can). Both of these minerals are electrolytes that are required for muscle function.

Is coconut water good for children? Senior citizens? Pregnant women?

Coconut water is safe for consumption for all humans, except those individuals with allergies to coconut. For children who are active competing in sport it is the ideal sports recovery beverage as it has the ideal balance of electrolytes (including potassium), only natural sugar and easily digested carbohydrates. Both seniors and pregnant women can benefit from the nutritional value of coconut water respectively as both special populations require additional nutrients to maintain and sustain this period in their lives.

Are all coconut water brands the same? How do you choose your coconut water?

Simple answer is no. Coconut water should have one ingredient in it: COCONUT WATER. No added sugar and no added preservatives. Not from concentrate.

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